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Dawn Series Home

Dreams Come True

Each family has an ecological footprint. Tasha Homes, as a Developer, is a production builder. This is for the purpose of saving time and money. Tasha Homes does not attempt to put you into someone elses footprint. We do not put you in a tract house with a generic lifestyle for the purpose of saving money. Tasha Homes are more affordable than a tract house. This is because of your creative participation. We are making an enviornment just for you. We do not believe "one size fits all". Each person is unique and has an ecological footprint of their own. We build your theme. We create the home you really love living in! Come see us and make your style! 

Your ecological footprint is the impact of your family on the enviornment. We see this expressed as, the amount of land required to sustain your natural lifestyle. Do not try to fit yourself into someone elses' old shoes! Let us tailor a home that matches your needs. Rather than searching around with a real estate agent looking for the goodwill of a used house, choose a new home by building with us! Why force your foot into the size shoe made for all people like living in a tract house. Create with us, on the land of your choosing, a home of your dreams. A home matching the life style you love. A dream come true!